Using the Best Automatic Watch Winder the Right Way

Automatic Watch Winder

You may have one of the best automatic watch winder products without knowing the right way to use it. That can be the case for first-timers who have just acquired this item. Some of them may not even realize that the most crucial aspect of this item.

One thing to pay attention to in the first place is the turns per day or TPD. It provides the number of revolutions it turns in a 24-hour interval. It is crucial because each watch will have its specific magic number to set on this. Setting it too little will probably stop the wristwatch. On the other hand, putting it too many and the timepiece will wear out too quickly. Check the manual of the watch to set this the proper way.

The next thing to look into is the rotating direction of the watch winder. It affects the result in storing a timepiece in it for some time. Some products of the wristwatch will be fine with bi-directional rotation in most winders. Unfortunately, some watches require a specific setting on this matter. So, check on the requirements of the timepiece on the manual before setting it. A good automatic watch winder will have clockwise, counterclockwise, and both ways.

Placing a wristwatch in the winder the correct way is another thing to know. It is the start of using the function of a watch winder. Avoid doing it in a rush, or it will fall over and eventually damage it. Refer to the owner’s manual of the winder first. It will make sure that any timepiece to put there will sit tight for the winding process.

One last thing to understand is that a dead watch will not be working in any winding device. It is a must to manually wind the timepiece in the first place before putting it into the best automatic watch winder in use.

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