Things to Consider on Buying Rotations Watch Winder

Rotations Watch Winder

The term rotations watch winder might be familiar to you. However, many people who are not into timepiece collections will find this machine unnecessary at all costs.

Buying watch winders

Nowadays, you can find lots of options about watch winders. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors, materials, colors, and brands. All those factors affect the price of a watch winder. This device is not a cheap thing.

Even though you can find an affordable one, there are plenty of things you should consider before sealing the deal. Meanwhile, if you are not sure about the functions and benefits of a watch winder, be sure to check our other articles.

So, what should you look for in a watch winder? Below, we have a few technical things a watch winder should own.

Rotations and TPD (Turns Per Day)

The rotations watch winder is the first thing you need to figure out. Why do the rotations mean that much for this device?

A watch winder should be able to wind clockwise, counter-clockwise, and bidirectional. If the device can perform such things, it will be easier to set the number of TPDs precisely. Each movement, on the other hand, requires a precise TPD number.

Size of the strap

The size of the strap is mostly a matter of comfort. Yet, comfort and optimal timekeeping are essential for your automatic watch. A quality watch winder should provide a flexible watch holder. You may own several automatic timepieces at home with different sizes. A flexible watch winder allows you to take care of your collections with one device.

Periods of latency

The next thing you should look for in a watch winder is the periods of latency. The purpose of this device is to reserve energy in the watch while you are not using it. Experts recommend maintaining a regular period of latency to prevent premature exhaust in the mechanism. 

All in all, a watch winder should be able to stop the work once the watch is rewound. Since your wristwatch also reads your physical activity, you should wear and take it off at the same time. Keep in mind that a watch winder is for occasional use instead of regular maintenance.


It is easy to say that you don’t need a watch winder. However, owning more than one timepiece will require you to take care of your collections simultaneously. The presence of a watch winder helps you to tackle the job. Besides, the rotations watch winder determines the lifespan of your automatic watch.

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